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Why travel media is dangerous for Pakistan's tourism

Pakistan’s tourism scene is about to explode, thanks to the power of positive social media… but is that a good thing?
This talk was originally meant to be given at the controversial Pakistan Tourism Summit 2019 in Islamabad, but was cut out by the organizers once they realized its critical nature. Let’s see if the internet is more open minded than they were.
People with power, feel free to get in touch if you’re ever ready to have a real talk.

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  • There is a time and place for every thing. You don’t tell your friend their negative personality traits on their birthday.

  • She is speaking truth. Valid concerns and need to be addressed. As a Pakistani I agree. And you lady, you must have Pakistani genes somewhere inside you, as you look like us.

  • Unfortunately, she is spreading outright lies with brazen disregard for the local laws. Perhaps she lives on another planet and does not know that recent security history of the region. What she is essentially saying is that dozen of other travelers are lying and posting false videos. And her nonsense of colonial hangover comment is pure racist, ask any non-white traveler (including Indians) and you will get a true picture.

  • A very honest opinion. Pakistan is not ready for a flood of tourism. Our infrastructure, our laws, our people are not ready. We need atleast 10 years of slow steady progress of experiences tourists coming in. Let the people become accustomed to seeing foreigners. Let the law enforces gain experience on how to handle different foreigners. Let the infrastructure build up to accommodate these people.
    I am a Pakistani, I wasn't born nor raised here but I sure am living here. It aint easy. It wasn't easy when I came here and it sure as hell hasn't become easier for the last 10-15 years I've spent here. I would LOVE to take a car to the north. But logistical nightmare of doing such a trip is so daunting for a person living in Lahore that I just keep day dreaming about those places but never getting to travel. Not to mention the cost of renting out a nice SUV (even if that's possible). Sure a lot of Pakistanis travel to north, but they are those who are born and raised here, who understand the system. People like me are lost in this nightmare… I feel it's more easier for me to grab a plane to another country than to visit the north…
    So yes – we sure as hell are not ready. Thank you for bringing this main point up, I'd advice you to tag Imran Khan and other officials in travel agency to your video. I'm sure they'd love to hear these points eventhough the travel summit was not designed for this kind of feedback.

  • Ask the Sikhs that are visiting to kartarpur and their other holy sites there's videos on social media about their experience in Pakistan and i guarantee all 100% Sikh have had a good experience and they are brown sorry but look at the comment section you are being exposed

  • Boohoo some white girl crying over how she was detained. See what all brown people and Muslim's have to go through everytime they visit western countries. And if they're inviting you to promote tourism in Pakistan, why would you take it upon yourself to start criticising. When more money comes in from tourism that's when these issues will be addressed and more industrialisation will take place. Stop being so close minded. Pakistan has gone through all sorts of terrorism, and you should be thankful that they're thorough in national security, even if it's inconvenient for you.

  • And I hope tourists are not here for special treatment cuz people give respect and expect respect not free food and gifts

  • Police can harass some people maybe and I am sorry for that but we Pakistanis already know what Pakistan is like so about encouraging local vlogers so the whole point of summit was to tell foreigners about Pakistan so people in uk US or canada or other countries would like to hear about from their people instead of hearing from a local and about colour no it's not about colour a local vloger won't get the same treatment why? Cuz people won't treat them as guests people coming from other countries people consider them as guests from South Africa or UK it's not about colour it's about people local people won't get the same treatment cuz they are local that's all

  • By watching this video I received a wide reflection and sensitive! feedback of Alex who discovered this country for a long time! Furthermore I had the feeling I’m getting a really sensitive!! and honest feedback from her without attacking inhabitants behavior of Pakistan! Even more she is giving the Pakistan backpackers a voice in this video!

    In my humble opinion her criticism is facing definitely more the government (unofficial travel restrictions, harassment from security agencies, unclear bureaucratic procedures, noc restrictions) than the inhabitants of Pakistan. You can clearly hear that her criticism is more about to make traveling in Pakistan for independent travelers like backpackers (not sponsored influencers) in general and in a long term perspective more easy and safe, which isn’t a bad thing!
    Reading the comments below I had the feeling a lot of people didn’t listen properly regarding to what she said, were upset and felt hurt in their prides!
    So that’s the reason I would like to share my opinion about this clip here! Regarding to these comments the feedback for this video is quite unfair and childish! Alex is empowering the potential of creative minds in Pakistan which needs more support! So she is deeply supporting Pakistan with its own potential here!

    Ps. I’m following „Lost with purpose“ while my backpacker travels and are reading a lot of the posts to prepare myself for traveling to countries I’m going for the first time! Her researches are in high quality and her feedback about Pakistan made my stay even more special! Thanks so much!🙏

  • Am from Michigan USA I have visited pakistan in july 2019…it's a great country …….this girl has made this video for views…..you're narrow minded…….

  • Great analysis , the issue she raised are true in some cases , she has highlighted the shortcomings of system which she faced.But I don't agree about her white superarty point , majority of Pakistani are white, in the KPK and Northern Areas people give respect to each guest, I as a Pakistani went to Peshawar they treated me well as I was new there . So listen people like her and make it more amazing for the people who are coming to see our culture and beautiful land .

  • I totally get your point and you're 100% right…. The government policies needs to change so much I totally get that but…. You have to understand the current circumstances… Pakistan is not used to that much of positive attention from the other side of the world!! And that's just bcz of the bad politics and the untrue presentation of Pakistan from the media networks!!!
    In short…. The things will take some time to be perfect in a way that can make the tourists comfortable👊🏾

  • many people said that you have some hidden agendas behind that criticism, well had that been the case then no v-logger would take such risk at the cost of losing his/her followers. because no one likes criticism, even the constructive criticism. I am writing this comment at the start of video cuz i already know about the pros & cons of my country. but honestly, we are talking about a country that has paid the price of America's war, it wasn't out stuff & we were dragged in it and paid the heavy price in shape of economy & law&order down slide. credit goes to our corrupt ruling elite. more then that, we inherited neighbor like India, who's government & media will never ever become our friends, btw i am not talking about common Indians, i am talking about Indian Govt, media & their followers. so they also haven't left any space in destabilizing Pakistan, from 1971's conspiracies to #KulbhushanJadav's activities in Balochistan & Karachi, you can guess about the hatred that they poses against a common Pakistani … plus it was CIA with the help of NDS that supported TTP inside Pakistan by sitting in Afghanistan to destabilize Pakistan. so expecting that everything will be perfect for you in a poor country that is hardly striding from terrorism to tourism is absolutely insane. so i advice you to have a complete look into the entire story before criticizing a country & it's people who are trying to get back on their feet again after so many difficulties.

  • I have visited Pakistan and I'm American of colour ….its totally safe and there super nice people who shower love! PLEASE DON'T SPREAD LIES IF U HAD ANY PERSONAL ISSUES ON YOUR OWN. THANK YOU💓

  • Hello Gay White colr is considered as samble of beauty in Pakistan, unfortunately ur skin colr is just like an ordinary Pakistani.i can Understand ur frustration.ur missing the main point Pakistani respect foreigners as guest.u r very confused and contradicting ur own words .

  • sorry to say mam but those who were detained by police or agency were due to their security because if something happened to you your govt will start whining about it and the govt and people of Pakistan will be held responsible for that

  • When we go to USA police treat for same. But why there even not security issues to us? But here in Pakistan agencies tries to protect you guys. They know more than you and us so they protect you. But the guy who talked about bribe is so sad. Finally our police is little bit changed now and I never had experience of bribe since I got young. In my childhood I always heard I gave bribe so they left me. So time to say it's changed now

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