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Verizon’s First 5G Mobile Hotspot – Inseego 5G MiFi M1000

After teasing a 5G mobile hotspot since late 2018, Verizon today (Thursday, July 18th) finally released its first 5G-capable mobile hotspot – the Inseego 5G MiFi M1000.

In the “race to 5G” Verizon is the third carrier to release a 5G data-only device after AT&T’s Nighthawk 5G (for business customers only) and Sprint’s HTC Hub.

At $650, this first-generation 5G mobile hotspot provides support for Verizon’s nascent 5G millimeter-wave network, as well as robust support for Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

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  • Perhaps you can help me: I am in search of using a 'hotspot' or wifi mobile that I can hook an ethernet cable up to my laptop. Application on Laptop detects if Ethernet is hooked up. Any advice since this device is not full proof yet?

  • I just picked it up today being a OTR truck driver I’m in those cities that have 5g service yes it’s expensive , tech is outdated the min u walk out the store with it lol , I have a MiFi already but figured with the 2020 iPhones coming out with 5g modems ….would be the best time for me to grab this new 5g MiFi, old one is garbage anyway , I stream thru my Xbox one x and play lots of COD on my down time.

  • why would i pay 650 for that when i can use my s10 5g for a mobile hot spot??? it will be interesting also to see how well 5g preforms in vehicles since it's millimeter waves and they have a hard time penitraiting though walls and stuff

  • As far as I am concern is that Verizon sucks when it comes to their hotspots plans. They are always dropping signals and on 4G limiting you to to 15gb before cutting your download to a speed that is useless. I also use AT&T and they do not do this or at least I never have seen they cut your speed down to a speed that is not usable.

  • Good info, thanks. Interesting that you should mention download of 2GB/s and limits of 50GB so I guess you could exhaust your plan in 25 seconds 🙂 However, it might help over-subscription issues since you could load a video in 1 or 2 seconds. Now, if only Netflix could do this too.

  • thanks for getting hold of that stuff and letting us see it.. yes it is unfortunate about the 5G distances… it would be nice if they allowed unlimited unthrottled 4G .. or at least unthrottled if there is no congestion which would be great for rural customers that could use their connection for wired broadband replacement They never seem to do that though.. we never saw true unlimited 3G when 4G was well established oh well.. thanks again its interesting

  • The price is Ridiculous, Let's compare the Quality and Features to the Sprint HTC 5G Model. Yes i know its sprint but im comparing the features that the HTC 5G Hub offers vs the Sad 5G MiFi M1000, there is no Comparison. The HTC 5G Hub destroys the Verizon Model at a lower cost. This is just pure Greed.

  • I am worried about the Samsung S10 5G because I heard that VZW is gonna use some tech or antenna that isn't in that phone. I feel I pay a crapload of money for something I cant use its fullest speed. Anyone have any input?

  • Thank you! We just started Full Time Living in our RV 2 weeks ago and mobile internet is going to be important for our 2 YouTube channels and social media. We appreciate your honest opinions and look forward to your future videos!😀👍

  • All that talk about the data plans would be unlimited, unthrottled was lies. Mutiple interviews with Verizon's CEO was put out with him saying this. 90$ a month is a slap in the face to rural users. So dissatisfied with this….

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