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Tutorial: Text Logos (Photoshop!)

Whats going on guys Bluie here bringing you my first tutorial! This tutorial will be telling you how to make the text logos I make. I tried to make this tutorial the best I could. Im not very familiar with doing tutorials so I hope I did alright for my first one! If you want to see more give the video a like and comment below if you have any requests you want me to do! Until next time, Peace!

Song List:
1.) Cillo – Breathe
2.) Ivax – White lilies, your eyes (Bulb Remix)
3.) Thomas Newman – American Beauty (Philth Remix)
4.) Blackmill – Miracle
5.) R/D – Face Of God (Feat. Nadine Risha)

Font Downloads:

Nguồn: https://dungquatiz.com/

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