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The SECRETS of OFFLANE GODS REVEALED: Pro Tips the Best Offlaners Use to Carry | Dota 2 Ranked Guide

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In this Dota 2 guide, pro coach Speeed covers the tips, tricks, lane combos and strategies used by the pros that you MUST ABUSE to never lose offlane. Use these secret gameplay tricks to carry from the offlane role, win more ranked games and rank up fast by being the BEST offlaner you can be!

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  • In this guide, Speeed covers some simple tricks ANY OFFLANER can use to crush the laning phase and win more in ranked!
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  • and then you try to drag the wave and then lion and es stun you while youre dragging the wave. all the supports are busy zoning the enemy offlane. and youre just there seeing the enemy carry get all cs. there are wards near enemy small camp so everything that youre doing is getting fucked. you asked for assistance from your pos 4/5, he said he cant because of the enemy pressure and our core is a dumbfuck. then its all GG. this is like the 10th game ive had as an offlaner where they see me fucking fail my lane while the enemy is pressuring enemy heroes coz the fucking supports doesnt know how roaming and stacking is important in trilane situations. they kept forcing trilanes while leeching exps from the core. note that when my games are usually 2-1-2 and not 3-1-1, we have higher chances of winning because the dumbfuck supports arent leeching that much exp by hiding on the trees.

  • bruh i creep skipped as pudge for my kunnka cause we had a rough matchup, he didn’t understand what i was doing and he walked over to me and dragged them under tower then him and the other 2 in his party reported me . . just for trying to help. people can be mean lol

  • What I do in offlane with creeps, I don't touch them at all, I also tell my teammates to not do it, unless we have a clock and double cog the creeps. But sometimes safelane creeps are blocked by carries, and my creeps get in the tower, if they don't block them, I initiate an attack and make their creeps follow me, so my creeps follow either their heroes or the ranged creeps, this makes the creeps switch sides and they're all under the tower, except the ranged creep, which is being hit by the melee creeps.

  • the funnest thing for me to do with earth shaker, is stack neutral camps. I stack and stack and stack, every time. Then when i turn 6 i pull the stacked camps. When the enemy melle hero like sven contests, his greed for getting that stacked camp blinds him to my ultimate. I usually have phase boots by then if I am going core, or arcanes if i am support.
    they almost never see it coming, remember to wait until they only have a few hits left on the creeps. then walk up and ulti, easy.

  • And there we are! seeing this video while knowing that in our bracket, your pos4 is going to steal exp at wrong time, focus denies over harass and if you move around to block camp, wooo yummy last hits boys!!

  • I just dont know how to win the laning stage. If I try to pull the supports will always kill me. I want to be more efficient :<<

  • thats it thats it,as if they let u block their creeps,in every medal when they see u they will atack u,and if they have a stun your block is gg

  • I’m an immortal offlaner and this guide is pretty good but there are a lot more things and details that can help you win or gain an advantage in the offlane.

    One for example is simply getting creep wave agro by clicking on enemy heroes. This simple move can easily disrupt creepwave balance.

    Another is securing the range creep, in an offlane its very crucial for me to secure the range creep as it grants huge exp and it really hurts to get denied. I even tell my pos 4’s that they can arrow or skill on the range to secure it.

    A basillus on your pos 4 or on you can really be helpful in the offlane.

    Good players wont let you drag creeps for free. Stacking creepwaves by dragging them back to t3 can be very beneficial but very situational. This should only be done if offlane is not laneable.

    Offlane is very complex but really rewarding if you get a win. A draw in an offlane is also good.

  • I'm probably stupid for asking this but can someone explain the creep-blocking part at 1:50 mark? So you block the enemy creeps, but your creeps run directly into the tower and get killed easily and you have no chance of denying… how is that a good thing? What am I missing?

  • this really wont work,maybe at archon below,safe lane of the enemy normally have 2 supports…specially if it have disable heroes on that

  • For those thinking "this is for pos 4 not 3", actually this guide is for offlane in general, it totally applies to both roles.

    Unless pos 4 is a dedicated roamer, ideally pos 3 and 4 should be laning at all times, and the only difference is that pos 3 prioritize more on last hitting. In a scenario where your offlane is difficult, it's difficult for both pos 3 and 4 at the same time rather than only one of them (if pos 3 can't get creep exp, where is pos 4 supposed to get exp from?) Therefore performing the tricks such as blocking first wave and dragging waves can be done by either pos 3 or 4, it doesn't matter. It's really only up to who can do it more efficiently.

  • i havent really had any trouble with laning as offlane in this patch, offlane heroes got love from icefrog, sure dragging is hella effective, but its hard to do it when theres 2 supports waiting for you to drag. its almost better to just deal damage to the supports so they cant gank mid or safelane. kill their resources so your other supports can go to midlane and gank.

  • how do you drag creeps against a support like bane who can just sleep you, or someone who by dragging your simply going to be taking way too much dmg (like dazzle)? It feels as if you can't fight against them and you can't drag creeps so what do you do?

  • Lol as a pos5 i already destroy every offlaner who does any of these at 1:47 they can wait there ill just pull the small camp and just use poison touch… they can try trading but good luck..

  • mr speeeeed would you like to create a video about how to deal with a trilane safe lane especially with a weak offlaner at the early phase of the game?

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