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The Mandalorian Chapter 2 Full Breakdown and Review

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After the great ending to Chapter 1, we fortunately didn’t have to wait long for Chapter 2 of The Mandalorian TV series. We break it all down and discuss some of the aspects that I enjoyed in the episode, as well
as where I’m hoping the season goes from here. There are lots of questions to be answered and I’m excited to see where the series takes the character!

As always, please do not hesitate to let me know what you thought of Chapter 2 of The Mandalorian down in the comment section below. I’d love to hear any aspects that you enjoyed most or those that you were disappointed by. I hope that you all enjoy the breakdown and review!

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  • i think chapter 2 was originally part of chapter 1 but they decided to divide them in 2 parts? maybe because chapter 1 would've been too long…

  • Enjoyable but didn't enjoy it as much as 1st episode.
    Kuiil fast becoming 1 my fav SW characters, Wish he'd joined Mandos crew,
    Hope they make Baby Yoda species all force sensitive but don't name species or home planet, leave some mystery.
    Seeing Mandalorian disintegrate Jawa's was awesome.. NO DISINTEGRATIONS!!…
    Spotted few Indiana Jones & Shogun Assassin nods.
    rate 6.5/10

  • This episode was entertaining and we get to see more of the Mandalorian's character; Stoic, Honorable, etc and the relationship formed. Great review.

  • I like the Mandolorian so far. I characters and lore potential are really good. I like the Mandolorian for the honor he shows. He doesn't expect anything for free and offers to pay reimbursement for any help he received. The short runtimes are killing me though.

  • Really enjoying the Western aspects of this. We've seen the Old West in Space before (Firefly) but I haven't seen it done in Star Wars. I'm also digging the "Lone Wolf and Cub" vibe from the Mandalorian/Child pairing.

  • I'm really enjoying this so far. Honestly, it's been my dream since playing the Star Wars RPG back in the 80's and 90's to focus on the backwater, under world of Star Wars and less on Jedi. This show is turning out to be my wish. I'd like to not focus or see Jedi forever or at least a very long time. I would enjoy seeing some alternatives like the Witches of Dathomir and I'd better see the Hutt Cartel at some point!

  • There are a lot of familiar imagery in this series. I hope they introduce something fresh in that department. New races, planets with novel types of biomes, climate and overall environment etc. I don't wan't the galaxy far, far away to be shrunken to a too great of an extent.
    It's suppose to be a galaxy, after all.

  • if that is child Yoda, then the timeline is way too far off, otherwise, the question of parents is also a major issue. Perhaps just the name, "cute 'Unknown Species' ", may be sufficient, lol.

    Yeah, this is turning out very well. Even simple things like Jawa's being Jawas is a very nice homage. Some may call it 'fan service' however unlike other franchises the Mandalorian isn't just saying look-see we have one of them Tribbles too, there actually having the Jawas doing what they would do, lol.

    Great vid SWRC and crew. B)

    P.S. a tribble is a furry ball life form that consumes food and multiplies almost like gremlins minus the bad attitude. In a reascent reboot, they had one, just one, sitting on a table next to a bull of fortune cookies, and it wasn't eating them and multiplying, it was just sitting there being very unlike a Tribble. And that was their form of Look-see we have that, be happy we are giving you fan service, lol. I am glad the Mandalorian crew didn't pull out a Tribble in the show and not use it properly. Jawas being Jawas is good fan service.

  • I like that they are using the Lucas make it feel new but be in the same Galax,experiment and remember that the fans are who your making these for…..Riane Johnson can learn a thing or two from the…….maybe

  • I remember the comic book where Yoda crashed on a swamp planet with a human friend, when Yoda was around 80 years old, having a family and everything left behind wherever he came from. And he never knew he was force sensitive until the random jedi master he encountered on the planet told him and trained him for like 20 years or something before being rescued. So Yoda basically lived one normal human life/lifespan before learning of the force and being trained and living as a jedi for the next 800 years. I really wish that was Canon, because this 50 year old, force using, semi-cognizant, "infant" is a little whacky.

    But since it's Filoni behind the writing, I'm willing to suspend my disbelief and give it a chance to hopefully end up awesome somehow.

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