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Surprised My Boyfriend With a Scavenger Hunt Proposal Thru Seattle!

On May 10, 2016, I met Christopher (my now fiancé!) on the dating site OkCupid while he was visiting his brother in Los Angeles where I lived. We connected, but he was flying back to Seattle a few hours later so we didn’t get to meet in person. I had never been to Seattle, nor did I have any plans to go. We had been talking for about a week when I received a job proposal for a project, of all places, in Seattle. The rest is history.

On December 30, 2018, I proposed to Christopher in Seattle. I knew it had to be a game because he lives and breathes games, and I also knew we needed our friends and family involved. I love planning surprises and what day should be more special and memorable than when you’re being proposed to? : )

Thank you to all of our friends and family for traveling near and far for this special occasion, and to all of those involved in orchestrating this plan.

Also, big thank you to my videographer friends David Albright, Catalina Rodriguez, and Peregrine Church for filming this very special day. As well as Amber for being an excellent LA driver and parking anywhere possible, and Matthew for being a great backseat cinematographer.

And thank you to Seattle and the weather gods for providing us sun, when it rained for the previous 5 days straight.

We hope you enjoy it.

Christopher & Sean
e: hello@seanwilliscreative.com

Shot by: David Albright & Catalina Rodriguez

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