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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G First Impressions Hands On – What Are All The Differences

Our first impressions video where we go hands on with the Galaxy Note 10 5G version where we reveal what is different at the Samsung Unpacked Event

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  • I’m going 5G because for the price and the absolutely gorgeous color I’ll have it for a few years. It’ll be nice to already have the capability so it’s basically an all in one phone/phablet. Also I’m in a area that gets the enhancements first so it’ll be perfect for me and so IM SOOOOOO EXCITED to be going back to the Note. After the Fire BS I took the plunge and gave Apple 🍎 a try. NOTHING but problems and I’ve been hacked more times than I can count of my hands. Never had that issue EVER or any issues with Samsung 😍🔩 they have all the right nuts & bolts! Apple is way behind in so many areas especially now having them both for a length of time to compare. Goodbye 🍎💩!

  • NOT gonna get 5G model …5G is NOT fully ready every where around the country Yet …probably going 5G strong by end of the NEXT year …so NOTE PLUS , is right phone to get!

  • What would be the price ?
    Note10+ $1099 (12g/256g)
    Note10+ $1199 (12g/512g) ?
    Note10+ 5G $1299 (12g/256g) ?
    Note10+ 5G $1399 (12g/ 512g) ?

  • There's 3 differences between them:
    1. Price
    2, 10+ 5G is 512gb, 10+ 4G is 256gb
    3. One is 4G the other is 5G
    You're welcome 😁

  • Very bad news the 5g comes with single sim 😷 not dual as the plus
    Why samsung why why , i hope there will be a pro version with dual sim and sd for the 5 g

  • On another YT channel it was stated that one of the notes would be a little larger in size (vertical height). Could anyone please advise if this is true. Thanks in advance,

  • They half assed it because with the Samsung s10+ 5G, they had it in ceramic. Gave it a different feel than the regular s10 and s10+. What Samsung doing? 🤦🏾‍♂️


  • I've heard 5g isn't readily available in most areas….? And if you have the 5g does it just operate on 4g with no 5g coverage?

  • Note 10+ regular. 5G won't be ready for at least another year or more here. By that time it won't cost extra.

  • If they had a 5g us unlocked 5g, I wouldve probably pre ordered one. Since I'm on t mobile and didnt want to wait 90 days for a 5G variant that's not verizon, I ended up going with the exclusive blue unlocked note 10 plus

  • Yes its a nice phone
    But they could have done better, like …
    Asus  Rog 2 = Note❌+ = S10 5G
    6000mAh     = 4300mAh = 4500mAh 😳
    120hz Amoled = 60hz
    855 PLUS = 855
    Asus can add a Dual screen 👌🏻
    Compare it to this phone 😉

  • Standard why would anyone get the 5g when most companies are saying it will work pretty much as the 4g LTE network

  • Hey Ricky, I saw you on someone's video waiting to get into unpacked. My son was there, he said he spoke to you for a second, he was one of the Samsung Ambassadors that was there.

  • 5G in 2019 on all carriers in the United States is drastically insignificant. This time in 2020 things should be much better 5G wise on all carriers. Note10Plus will be joining my Note9, OnePlus7Pro, and OnePlus6T at home base August 23rd can't wait.

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