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Power s6.e2 Review, Predictions, SPOILERS (feat. Mr. 4.0 & Werds Illah) CHECK IT OUT!!!

In this video we do our review, predictions, and SPOILERS for the premiere of Power season 6. The instrumentals during the video are produced by me.

YouTube and Twitch: Super Obvious
IG and Twitter: itsdarockstar
Snapchat and Soundcloud: B Dizz Da Rockstar

The songs you hear are by Werds Illah
link to the tracks are at
Follow him on Instagram & Facebook @werdsillah

C.M.P aka Mr. 4.0
IG: grown_man_84

source: https://dungquatiz.com

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  • In this video.. me and my buddies do a Review, Predictions, and SPOILERS on Power season 6 episode 2. What did you guys think of the episode?? Also what could happen in episode 3?? All the music in the video is produced by me. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to the channel for more content. Thanks everybody!!!

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