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PES 2020 Review: The Best Pro Evo Ever with the Worst Problems

PES 2020 is likely to frustrate players who are invested in the series, and it doesn’t do enough to significantly capture the attention of a new audience.

It shouldn’t be this difficult to recommend a game that can play so wonderfully, but the usual problems are here and worse than ever.

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  • Honestly after the latest update I’m so glad I bought pes 2020 instead of wasting another 65 dollars for the same game, I never played pes before this 2020 and i am fooking luving this game!! Best and most realistic soccer game there is out there!!! Much love to @Konami

  • this time PES is waaaaaaayy better than FIFA.. FIFA is just not working at the time, the glitches are getting worse than before.. just hoping for the healthy competition from those two developers

  • The AI is abysmal.
    Even if they would have had a team of the best programmers in the world with the sole role to create the WORST AI ever they wouldn't have been able to do a better job than the idiots who implemented this AI. Pure. Fucking. Crap.

  • Same bullshit as fifa in many ways, passibg is intentionally full of bugs not based on real football just you pass to the wrong direction because of scripting socially in superstar, you kill yourself to score a goal then all of a sudden they score in the minute 89 or so just because AI wants to score and you can't stop them no mayter whay, scripting is playing a huflge tole just like fifa, it's not a terrible game tho but it is not realistic, they just made it hard on purpose to make people believe it is a simulation game, there is no simulation football game, fifa is arcade and PES has a long way to become something, I wish it was a third company involved in this but unfortunately cause of all the fucking licences no other companies have the balls to step in and some football lovers like me( who have nmbeen playimg for around 20 years simce 1997 ) have no other options, just look at all the critics, it's like this mother fuckers are blind(many of them peobably not all),oh man the world is full of shit

  • Bro you are talking out of point am a fifa fan,this year i switch to pes evolution pro and am so glad i did pes master league is way far ahead of fifa career mode.
    For me rating both game is……?
    Pes 10/10
    Fifa 1/10

  • Player switching its just broken, I press L1 and its like 100% its not going to pick the player it should, and on top of that it feels so laggy. Moreover defenders or at least my defenders misses the ball for no reason, and just like that I loose match after match. Pes 2020 is a great game but those things must be fixed.

  • Hey ^_^ I rather play this PES FULL OF "BUGS" then that cartoon – plastic look like game and robotic gameplay (Fifa ):P EA only has licenses and youth's generated in carrer mode + womens 😀 thats all 🙂 ->PS : FIFA is also full of bugs 🙂 check them out and make a video 😀 Everybody has its own preferences BUT for me still Konami – efootball PES all the way ^_^

  • It's really funny when a giant company like EA feels threatened by Konami to go the levels as this. Keep up the good work Konami. As long as there are improvements in the game like there is, I'll be supporting you.

  • I got fifa and pes fifa is the biggest load of shit ive ever played and ive been wasting my time with it for years , pes is 9/10 i agree with the player switching thats annoying

  • Lol fifa fan boi

    My Pes 2020 on PC with max graphics looks almost real.
    Plus reshade and some small mods.. it looks and feels real.

  • THE WORST PES EVER…I am trying to sell it… to play PES 2018…
    Its the most boring game ever i play 2 games and its over…this looks like the stupid FIFA…

  • Have been a pes fan for 20 years but have been playing this for a week and am not enjoying it. While there are moments when it all comes together and its brilliant but mostly it's just incredibly frustrating. It's too slow, way to unresponsive and half the passes go to a different player to the one I want. It's a shame because there is an amazing game here somewhere

  • I'm an editor from b/r football and and I can confirm that the list below was what we were gonna go with, but due to some unforeseen circumstances (EA paid us) we have to change it
    Gameplay: 10/10
    Graphics: 9/10
    Modes: 6/10
    Overall: 8.33/10

  • you are so right, the responsive for this game is so slow this year they must fix it,right stick -new dribble is a joke -you are loosing the ball most of the time, most of the time the AI get the ball no matter how fast or good is your attacker , ,switching players is awful , players stop running , defenders lost attackers .such a shame , for now i am very disappointed and its not fun at all, as the demo was of the best PES ever except the refs.

  • I am a fifa fan for years, gave pes a try and it’s a great game. I’m a career mode guy so master league is great and is very entertaining. The gameplay is great it feels competitive fifa has lacked that. It gets boring and slowly lose interest in it. I recommend pes it’s a great game overall if you’re a career mode person. Only bad side of it is the licensed leagues.

  • players still move like they are on ice or wheels. turf still hard as cement. animations still wooden/clunky. these simple basic mistakes ruin pes.

  • I really hate the gameplay and how the players feel when controlling the ball. And when u get tackeld, the ball just stops and you instantly fall over, which has been the case for a while. That's just my opinion

  • I don't like FIFA very much because it is soo arcadey but I always try PES and go back to FIFA. I think there would be a middle ground between the two games that would be better. There's a slight clunkiness to PES that makes it less enjoyable. I hope PES can do better in the future because FIFA is in the same old pattern of making a decent game and then patching all the manual control out of it come release time.

  • If you honestly believe PES is better than FIFA you’re deluded. PES feels horrible to play and will never be on FIFA’s level and I’ve played both

  • I’ve always been a fifa fan and a Barca fan, but this year I have to give it to pes 2020, it works well for since I’m a Barca fan

  • Master leauge is great gamemode 9/10, better than carreer mode in FIFA (6,5/10), but online mode… I'd rather not talk about it, Ultimate Team is amazing, but microtrazactions take a lot of fun away, so 8/10, but MyClub, is is much worse, and I am saying this as a PES fanboy, is much worse, like 5,5/10, like obvious reasons as you can't buy players you want, instead of that you are hoping that you will get them from that ball shit.
    So I think you should not shit on FIFA nor PES, they are both great games, just in different ways.

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