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As a Lover of Loli’s, traps, and artistic freedom, I couldn’t NOT talk about this. If you don’t like me after watching this video then that sucks lol


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  • I’m not a lolicon. But I completely agree as an artist who enjoys drawing big and little boobs. This could affect people REGARDLESS of if their characters are sexualized or not.

  • just classify lolis how discord did
    if they are canonically illegal, regardless of appearence, it should outline them under the law
    if they are depicted as illegal, regardless of non-appearence details such as age, it should outline them under the law
    only if they are depicted legally AND are legal, then the law doesn't apply
    every character or actor/actress in pornography whether fictional, non fictional, depicted or real needs to be of or above the age of majority with consent whether real or depicted. this information in any medium of pornography needs to be stated to protect real children from abuse and harm in the production, the effects and the aftermath of these mediums.
    laws should be as universal as possible.

  • Let's say they banned drawings of injured people, no matter how or why the injured person in question is injured.
    It could promote abuse, violence against people, and many other things. It normalizes people to the idea of injury.
    But it's also not a real person… with no real emotions… how is it effective? You can't stop someone from saying "This makes me wanna hurt someone like this!". But at the same time, there are people who look at drasn injured people because the injury is interesting, or because they sympathize with the injured person.
    That's the best analogy I've got.

  • Then people ask why people bomb shit and make school masacres. They should better ban the use of guns so stupid kids can't buy or have access to any of it, instead of censoring fucking lolis and stupid art from cards, anime, and shit.

  • As an underage girl lolis make me uncomfortable but if you see them as petite adults than that's cool but if you see them as "This is legal child porn." Then that's illegal. Also those lolis who are actually just little kids or little girls who have big chests are creepy af.

  • – That "New Game!" comparison is really bad imo. I think you dont get it, its not about the ones who are actually somewhat mature, but look a bit young. I do agree with this loli ban thing, because, its mostly for those kind of dating sims where one of the heroines is obviously a 10 year old, thinks like a 10 year old, acts like a 10 year old, but the developer puts the good old "its just 20-30 year old person that happens to [insert a random excuse here], thats why they act like they are 10", even tho we all know they are actually 10 years old and the developers just put them there for those who fap to that gross shit for guilty pleasure who have a thing for lolis, lets not act like this isnt true.
    – Another thing is that, I never wanted for HuniePop or any dating sim to have trans characters and before I say anything else, I'm against all the loli and trap and crossdressing bullshit all together(trans/crossdressing, 2 peas in the same pot imo), just a quick warning. And I think it goes for majority of us players when I say that we wanted a dating sim with hot girls in it, not guys who dress like girls. Sure, "trap" exists in anime and hentai, but the majority doesnt like it at all and the majority is almost all of the HuniePop players. The real point is: people are getting rid of trans characters, because their fans werent really the fans of it in the first place. The original HuniePop didnt feature trans characters, so the fans knew what they need and what they are having. Its a problem in HuniePop, because lots of fans arent fans of trans shit in media and from the original game, we know we have to fuck each girl to get the "the final girl" and most people wouldnt be confortable with being forced to fuck a crossdressing guy. Lots of fans were mad when a trap character was introduced as one of the main heroines we'll have to go through. I do think its bullshit that people who werent interested in HuniePop got involved. The problem started to occur when the dev tried fix the fan outrage and stated that we'll be able to choose whenever Polly will be trap or not, then random people called it transphobic, because its suppose to be a trans character. In my personal opinion, that was a good move, I dont like traps and many people dont like it too, I'm glad I have a choice for this "kink", but tbh I rather had her be a normal girl instead of a crossdressing guy in the first place.
    Anyway, if someone read this little rant of mine, thanks for your time lol.

  • Tell the UN to f off! We do not live under their rule. BTW the UN has an over representation of mu$$ies. Is this more creeping sharia?

  • I remember the authors of the Deep Space Waifu series having trouble on Steam. It resulted in the authors changing out the art to remove all references to school umiforms (including sailor fukus) removing any characters that could be seen as underage and adding the usual THESE CHARACTERS ARE DEFINITELY OVER 18!!!!!! disclaimers.

    This even went as far as changing everything about Deep Space Waifu: Flat Justice including the name (they changed it back due to backlash and realising that girls in Flat Justice are adut police women)

    Though there are other cases… Ulyana from Everlasting Summer immediately comes to mind – the censored game has panty shots… of Ulyana… who is canonically 14 … a point they drive home by having Ulyana clutching a stuffed Pedobear – thankfully no sex scenes though)

    Also, it looks like Rape Day is the video game equivalent of the Human Centipede series of films… or A Serbian Film …shock for the sake of shock.

    I would totally do a game called Shoot The Bastards (or reference old school magazines by calling the game Shoot The (Biscuits – ED))

    OK the Hunie Pop 2 Polly situation could hve been avoided by Ryan simply adopting the "publish and be damned" approach, put the game out there with Polly as a chick with a dick without mentioning it pre-release (or even on release) and just let the audience react as they wish (though I have to say, I got more pushback from anti-SJWs screaming about the transgender agenda and the destruction of white, heterosexual, Christian males than anyone else)

  • When everyone talks about how weebs think anime girls are real but the UN is the one trying to give them human rights.

  • I believe that, at the very least, there needs to be a high wall of separation of art and state -until such a time as when the state is done away with, anyway…

  • This was a neat format, and I agree with you on most of these issues. I do hope Rin doesn't get censored for some reason or another.

  • This is the dumb part about anime becoming popular
    More and more random people are getting offended by regular anime tropes and characters because they don't appreciate the differences between Japanese and English (or any other media)

    No but Twitter is really just filled with bored people so them finding something to be offended by makes a stupid kind of sense

  • Hi!
    First some friendly constructive criticism: I just wanted to say that you kind of…. drone rimshot on sometimes. To me it felt like you reiterated your points multiple times for the first two stories, maybe a script would help.

    As for the Catherine story well you yourself mentioned you don't know much about the game. Which to me makes it kind of weird that you'd talk about it then but aight.

    For your Catherine argument of Erica, just wow. Am I in a barn because I have never seen more strawmen in my life. And just general misinformation.

    There is zero indication that that scene takes place in the past. In the previous game, Erica and Toby had never met pre transition so, to me, it seems way more of a wild leap in logic to assume that scene takes place in the past? Plus what on earth would be the point of having the scene take place before her transition and risk the harmful assumption that Erica transitioning was a mistake?

    To your point of the Polly comparison, Polly was not simply removed because of people complaining her character is transphobic. It was mainly removed because some guys didn't want a dick in the game. So if anything blame them for not wanting a dick girl but even then there is an option to have the dick and she is still canonically trans.

    9:53 strawman. Nobody, except actual transphobes I suppose, thinks this? What?
    10:06 Wow it's almost like if a developer does something bad and they get feedback from it, they'll change the game,,,, 2019 is insane y'all,,,,
    10:16 Where is that drake meme the kids use? Blaming the developers for making bad trans characters? Nah. Blaming people complaining about it? Yas fam.
    10:27 this is a very dumb point. You might as well say wow why isn't every character in every piece of media talking pony because portraying actual (poorly) humans could offend somebody!!! And yet not ever piece of media has a talking pony because that would be boring and people like seeing themselves in stories.
    10:45 Why on earth shouldn't developers be allowed to change parts of the game that can be seen as transphobic? Truly this is the snowflake generation when a dialogue change is the end of creative freedom.
    10:52 With this I assume you're implying that people offended by Erica and Polly don't actually play games? Which is a pretty weird assumption? I mean neither of these games are out yet so technically at this moment you're right but literally nobody has played the games? (Catherine is out in Japan but not in ""The West"")
    11:00 that's not what oxymoron means. Also strawman again. Implying that people are mad that a character is trans vs mad at a character being a misrepresentation of trans people.
    11:30 Every artist does have the right to make a trans character. Even bad ones! And it is the right of consumers to tell an artist when they've fucked up. Since trans people are a minority even a well intentioned creator might say something harmful, is it not just to inform them when that happens? Or should we coddle people from criticism.
    11:54 "For them being a minority is all the character they're allowed to have" Once again, strawman. And I fail to see how this relates to the discussions surrounding Polly or Erica? Nobody said that the problem was that they had other character traits other than being trans??
    12:00 this implies that people offended by Erica are not fans of creative freedom… which is unsupported to say the least.
    12:15 I am very distraught, in tears honestly. Not at you bringing this up but at the amount of incorrect thoughts that just hit my ear.
    12:20 People are allowed to have good or bad or anything characters. And people will respond to those characters in a good or bad or anything way.
    12:28 What?? People are just supposed to accept and ignore… bad things? How are developers supposed to improve without criticism?

    Also, not sure if you know this but the word trap is really offensive and hurtful to a lot of trans people.

  • I had a personal experience with the lolicon community that I think would be valuable to share. I myself have a preference for young looking, flat-chested girls, and I indulged in online groups that shared porn when I was underage. Out of the three groups I was a part of, only one kicked me after finding out my age. I’m an Australian and here the age of consent is 16, which gave them enough excuse to ask for nudes and videos. Admitted I did willingly provide, but I regret it every day. Keep in mind that there were 30+ people in each of these groups and none of them stopped it from happening.

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