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JJRC H78G 5G FPV Foldable GPS Drone Flight Review

Flight review of the JJRC JJRC H78G GPS Drone. I’d recommend the Hubsan Zino 4k Brushless GPS over the JJRC for just a bit more. You can get the far superior Hubsan Zino 4k brushless GPS drone with 3 axis stabilized gimbal for only $239 right now at Banggood using code “BGZINO715” without the parenthesis at checkout. Be sure to select the GWTR warehouse, one battery and no storage bag to get it at that low price!

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source: https://dungquatiz.com

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  • Hi there, have you tested the drone later that week, or are you still flying it? I would like to know if it is still doing it. Or was there a firmware update to it?

  • Just when I was about to compliment this drone, it failed in it's last return to home test. It does have a pretty decent camera and the controls seem to be fairly precise, but it obviously has GPS or compass calibration issues, or it simply returns too fast for it's own good!!! Great job on the review Ryan, loved it, like #14!!! POW!!! -djsoulforce!!!

  • Well that was an interesting flight, that 2nd Gps return to home was CRAZY! lol definitely better options out there for the same price range, thanks for sharing Ryan! 👍

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