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Japan Exclusive! Adidas UltraBoost 4.0 “Japan” / “Fireworks” On Foot Review (FW3730)

Review: 3:20, On Foot/sizing: 7:40
Thanks to a bit of good timing and a friend in the right place, I got my hands on the Adidas UltraBoost 4.0 in the “Japan” or “Fireworks” colorway (Product Id: FW3730). These were a japan exclusive sold at Atmos Tokyo Japan and the official adidas site. So as is typical of these reviews, I’ll cover sizing, fit, comfort, and show those fancy on foot/on feet clips too.

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  • When I saw this colorway, I was like, 'Man, if only I had a bit more coin, I'd be all over these like white on rice!!!!'

  • Yeah right 😉, you don't get many Views. You want to see crumby views, look at my flippin' Channel haha!! You're doing alright Mate. It's a Shame they didn't put the fireworks on the Cage, but maybe they made the shoe first tried to print the "Seatbelty" type cage, which is quite shiny and the ink didn't stick. That's probably what happened. Or they just didn't think they needed to. It's nice that you can see them on the outside though, which is what really matters the most. You can see the Fireworks on the inside, but at displays there is always someone in the way!! Could be that, who knows, adidas probably knows but I really like them. I've finally got round to seeing this anyway, its played twice now and I'm still tapping away. I'd promised myself I wasn't gonna leave you a huge essay to take up your valuable time, but again I just cant help myself but go on and on. 🤪😆. I definitely appreciate your Onfoots though, I nearly forgot that. I really like the way you put them on at the same time too. I think I go a bit too Crazy on the onfoots as your onfoots are a perfect insight into what the shoe will look like "on the Foot" you don't run around like a headless Chicken, picking Flowers 😂😁🙄😏. Thank You for showing us UK viewers them too. I havent seen many around. I remember seeing a picture of them, but that was probably just showing when they dropped. Another Cracking Video. Hope you're having a good Day Mate. God Bless You. 🙏 🤼‍♂️🤼‍♀️👌🤘😛🤘.

  • That’s exactly what the shirt says. The big writing is “the man” and the small writing is her name.

    Yes it is a red sun on the shoe. And yes the Japanese love fireworks.

    Only an idiot would think your Japanese. Clearly Korean. People need to pay attention to your videos

    I hate the cage hiding the fireworks. Other than that I think they are an alright.shoe.

  • these are dope..i like that they went with different material for the cage as that's something ive never liked on these.the suede or whatever it is looks much better than if it was plastic for sure..i own a pair of ultraboost so can concur with your views regarding comfort.they really are very comfy..the pair i would really like to get is the 'Nice Kicks adidas Ultra Boost Woodstock's' but they sold out in seconds as usual to all the bot users but yea you cant go wrong with ultraboost's

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