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Iron Blade – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Campaign (Android Games)

Iron Blade – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Campaign (Android Games)

Neither rock nor origin will make you a hero – take the sword and make your own destiny!

Open your epic destiny in Iron Blade – the most exciting of role-playing action games – in the torn apart quarrels, wars and magic of medieval Europe. Explore the fantasy world of games, which comes to life thanks to the level graphics consoles and innovative – and easy-to-understand – combat system in which the hero will not be idle, and who will throw it from one tense battle to another.

Collect the best weapons for your monster hunter, explore exciting locations from the real world and the castles dungeons, and test yourself in the fight against millions of others by building your kingdom and passing the toughest tests in PvP.


“No castle can stand against the bloodthirsty army of the warring monsters.” There is no time for idle idleness! Take your sword, noble hero, become a hunter for monsters and fulfill a prophecy – forever imprison them in gloomy dungeons!
– Open the plot, full of intrigue and betrayal, and overcome the difficult twists of the plot.
– Explore the legendary game world, the whole action in which occurs in an alternative fantasy Europe with epic warriors, quarrels and gloomy secrets.
– In this RPG adventure, you will pass through the fearsome locations that you will not find in other RPG games, from the battle with the Demon Knights in North Dam to vampires in the dungeons of Transylvania.

– Anyone can appreciate the exciting role-playing action in the dungeons thanks to a control system that was specifically designed for mobile games and allows you to easily perform complex combat combinations and attacks with the sword in full swing.
– Take battle against the terrifying demons of darkness, each of which is copied from excellent concepts, implemented with the help of excellent game graphics and endowed with outstanding fighting ability.
– Inflict deadly blows, which promise a painful end to anyone who dares to challenge you.

– Use fantasy weapons and armor – deadly iron can be collected during an exciting adventure.
– Improve your equipment to fight monsters and hone your fighting skills.
– Pronounce destructive spells and use high-precision skills against your enemies.

– Create a kingdom and a well-fortified castle.
– Attract to your side and improve the noble defenders of the castle, which will defend its walls and resources from invaders during your absence.
– Unleash a war against other castles, destroy their protection and take away your most valuable resources!

For those who like RPGs, action games, role-playing games with sword battles, fantasy, fighting monsters, games about knight duels, building castles. A game in which there is no time to be bored!

TOWER TEST is a new temporary action with rogue-like progress for testing your strength and skills.
FALCON SET – available in 4 levels of rarity, provides protection against physical damage and occult threats.
GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS AND OPTIMIZATION – a more convenient search for items in the Store through the implementation of subcategories.
ADDITIONAL SUPPORTED DEVICES – now you can play the Iron Sword on the Google Chromebook or on any Android device with the Mali 400/450 GPU.

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