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IGN Reviews – LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins Video Review

How does the 3DS prequel to Wii U’s LEGO-fueled, open world adventure stack up? Watch to find out!

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LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begines Video Review

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  • So it sounds like it has the opposite problem of dragon quest 8 then for the 3ds I am considering buying this game but idk if I should take this review seriously or not lol

  • Why doesn't anyone review games for who they are meant for? Sorry older gamers (like me), but Lego games aren't intended for you/us. Would an 8 year old find it silly or enjoyable in a car trip?

    My 2 kids I would game with. Have never,ever said. "But dad, This draw distance is subpar, and the frame rate unacceptable.

    How is this world compared to other Lego games? Is it 2 player local and split screen? Are you distance tethered to the second player?

    Just a few questions a kid may want answered.

  • Leyocity undercover 3ds is the only lego 3ds game where i didnt get bored. I was something different. Ohyeah and Lego city undercover 3ds is part 1 and lego city undercover wii u is part 2. Oh and immahave a switch soon so imma buy lego city undercover for the switch i always wanted that game!

  • What I don't get is why so many developers of these 3DS games wouldn't later update their games to take specific advantage of the expanded hardware in the New 3DS. It has more RAM, faster CPU, and a more powerful GPU as well as the 2 new shoulder buttons and the C-Stick. Even if games like Splinter Cell 3D weren't perfect, an update to take advantage of the New 3DS capabilities (buttons and the better processing power) would've GREATLY improved some early titles released for the system.

    Some 3DS games got updates, but I wish FAR more got them. The New 3DS is a much better version of the 3DS system overall and some updates for earlier titles could've greatly improved some of these experiences that may have had to make sacrifices in order to have a playable game. This LEGO game could have definitely gotten some help with the New 3DS I think.

  • While all this is true, this game is easily a massive improvement on the other 3ds Lego games we've been given. Lego marvel superheroes, for example, was trash on the 3ds.

  • good for young gamers but feels like same thing over and over agian a few missions followed by a boss fight load screens are the worst less everything and easy campain I give it a five out of ten

  • dont expect much on the 3ds it was a great game
    ps: of course it has the same locations its the same frickin city
    ps: of course they had to pull back a bit on the open world. Do you expect that the systems software is the same as the wii u?
    ps: too much ps

  • What do you guys think of my idea….. The game is called lego city undercover: elite force. The game will be on wii u and the 3ds. It will take place after the events of leg city undercover and it will have four different characters that can do different things. The game is single player but up to 3 other people can connect onto the wii u version of the came to be able to be played 4 player local or online. The wii u player won't be effected hardly when on multiplier however 3ds version may be due to the lack of power. But sadly if they did this the 3ds version wouldn't be as good as the wii u one though they would almost be identical besides from the graphics. The freeroam would return as its the most fun thing in my opinion. And since there is 4 different playable characters the story could be multiplayer as well. Please Respond I'd love to see your guys feed back and let's try to make this a real thing!

  • QUIT COMPARING when you review a game, idiots! I dont care about WII U. Review the game as if you've never played it on any other system. Cripes you video game editor/review people are so stupid.

  • I don't get how was the psp able to pull off amazing open world games, and the 3ds is supposedly as powerful as a GameCube

  • Im sorry but you can't complain about fog and then frame rate… If there was no fog then you would have terrible FPS. It's amazing they pulled off an open-world game for 3ds too! This was one of the worst reviews ever, do you even think before you speak?

  • This game is pure fucken awesome its fun for kids adults freeroam and its just like its WIS counter part but no of course IGN has to shit on it as usual.

  • Its not the 3DS's fault that the game is bad, its because TT Games keep reusing the same ds engine for the 3ds. The 3ds is more powerful then the GameCube so there is no excuse.

  • I'm bummed I thought that Lego City Undercover was an amazing game on the WiiU I don't have a WiiU or any home console I was happy to see it on the 3DS…until now I guess there is no point in wasting 30 bucks it sucks that there is only a demo on the PC >:( why not have a full version on the PC? It can handle it! I don't really know of any good 3DS titles I might as well buy the original Super Mario on the eShop for 4 bucks

  • Basically a guy bitching about how it can't meet the specifications of the wii u for the entire review instead of reviewing the game

  • Basically a guy bitching about how it can't meet the specifications of the wii u for the entire review instead of reviewing the game

  • They should make 2 separate games a only open world lego game then a lego game that has only story. Booom mind blown. (But if u buy one u get the other free)

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