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Glorious Model O Review – Top tier mouse that challenges the industry

Imagine your perfect FPS mouse… combine all the elements from the best mice and that’s basically the Glorious Model O.

The shell is a slightly modified BenQ Zowie FK1, but with a lot of improvements. Super flexible, smooth and soft cable. 3360 top optical sensor. Under 70g weight. Some of the nicest buttons I’ve ever used. Tensioned scroll with 24 silent steps. The list goes on. This is a dream mouse and clearly created from community feedback.

Is it original? No. It’s a hybrid of all the best ideas (well, a lot of them, this is open to debate). I prefer to support originality but at the same time, I really want the industry to pay attention to this. This is what we’ve been asking for all this time. I’m treating it as a question… a challenge to the rest: Can you match this?

The price isn’t bad either!

Box and cable update:

Other than a few minor concerns, Glorious really took mice to the next level with this one. Highly recommended if it suits your grip and hand size (and maybe even if it doesn’t?).

Note: I can’t test for durability, obviously, haven’t had the mice that long. We’ll see how it goes over the next few months/years.

Mouse Sensor Testing Reference Video:


Ok so I’m affiliated but not sponsored. The review is my thoughts and opinions only, they didn’t tell me to say anything. And I’m pretty sure I backed up everything I said anyway… let me know in the comments if you have concerns.

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Here it is…


Hope that works? First time using it! No discount on this one, sorry! 🙁 I tried.

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