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Faker x Peanut – Daybyday series [44]

Cre: lol_peanut twitch

Do not reupload this video!!

Nguồn: https://dungquatiz.com/

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  • I wanted to just thank you for your efforts and I appreaciate that you're keep doing those videos. These days we rarely get anything from them, so we really miss those two and your videos make this time so much brighter and sweet. I'm amazed how patient and loyal is this fandom, fandom? duh! normal, intelligent people who just support what they saw happening in front of their eyes, this ship is legendary so there shouldn't be a surprise of why their fans are so dedicated to them, why there are so many of them and why they strongly believe in this relation. I can't believe that before Fakenut started being teammates Peanut was a big fanboy of Faker for years and now look where they are? Faker would probably do everything Peanut would ask him to, like a slave, he's a slave of a person that makes him the happiest (it seems), the connection, the chemistry, the looks, all of the similarities and opposites are all on point, such an incredible real life story and no matter what future holds for them, nothing can change that. Thank you for sticking to those two for years <33 everybody here! and in our own lives! with the positive attitude, hope, faith, motivation! we're gonna make it! we're survivors! <33
    I have a video in works in the memory of them, everything takes a lot of time, too much time, so it's hard to end it, in addition to that my computer and program to make a video are so laggy, so don't know if I'll be able to end this video at all, but maybe? maybe
    Usually when I write about them it feels like I'm writing a diary, you can't write about love, sweet love without using poetry, maybe that's why 🙂

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