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Etsy ads tutorial day 27. Etsy marketing tips 2019

Day 27 of my Etsy ads tutorial series looking at what happens when Etsy takes over managing your account. For more Etsy marketing tips, join my facebook group listed below.

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  • I spent 56.45 on ads and sold 59.50. They spent my daily bid in 45 minutes. I thought it was because some of my tags were "baby boy", like Baby Boy Baptism, Baby Boy Christening but when someone clicks on "baby" or "boy" it was using up my budget. I took all my products off and picked 140 and changed the tags and took out short tags and I have same thing goin on. Banging my head against the wall!!!

  • I turned mine off yesterday after about two weeks of the new system. Long story short, they greatly increased my click bid and spent my budget quickly with days of no sales when before I typically got 2 to 4 a day. I decided to turn them off for now until I can sit and decide how I want to approach it.

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