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Dota 2 Hotkeys and Options Menus

Here is the first hotkey and options menu in 4 years! Dota 2 has expanded and changed in tons of different ways. One of these changes are just how diverse and fluid the hotkey and options menus are.

I heavily covered planning and thought around where your hotkeys are and placing them in important areas, including not using 1 finger for too many hotkeys.

In terms of options, it goes much deeper past whether you want the minimap on the right or the left. There are tons of features and quality of life issues that arise with lots of keyboard and hotkey options, so I tried to tackle everything in the video, but the brunt of the good hotkey information should be covered in the first 30 minutes.

Here is a great graphic of my hotkeys made by one of my subs, Syl!

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FTC : This video has a paid sponsorship overlay and the Dotabuff section on replay commentaries was created as a result of my ongoing partnership with Dotabuff.

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