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Coding Minecraft in One Week – C++/OpenGL Programming Challenge

Hello! In this video, I attempt to create a simple voxel game/ Minecraft clone in a single week. It doesn’t have the best performance or the most features; but of course, there is only so much you can achieve in a single week.

Hope you enjoy!


Note: Performance issues are excepted as this was made in only a week
NOTE: This MIGHT NOT WORK ON AMD GPUs. I’m not sure why exactly, I would find out but I do not own a AMD GPU. Works on Nvidia cards fine.
DOWNLOAD: (One week Version)
DOWNLOAD: (Optimized with collision detection, 12 day version)



–Day one–

Stickerbrush Symphony – Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong-Quest

Beyond Good and Evil Soundtrack- ‘Home Sweet Home’

–Day Two–

Beyond Good and Evil Soundtrack- ‘Home Sweet Home’

Tales Of Phantasia – Final Act SNES version

–Day Three—

Cave Story OST – Mimiga Town

Dragon Quest VI – Pegasus

–Day Four–

Cave Story OST – Plant

Rayman One – Bandland

–Day Five–

Milky Way Wishes – Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Cave Story OST – Bad Ending

–Day Six–

Ken Silverman’s Neat Song

Lufia 2 – Final Battle

–Day Seven–
C418 – Sweden (Caution & Crisis Remix)


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