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CAMERA CONTROL with KEYBINDS? – Hotkeys & Settings Tips | Dota 2 Guide

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In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed covers his settings as a player honed for controlling his camera using WASD keybinds! Use these settings, mouse and hotkey tips to streamline your play if you find that mouse-pan camera control isn’t for you!

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  • What HEATHEN moves his camera with KEYS in Doto? …Well, apparently Speeed does! Learn how in this guide!

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  • I personally don't use edge panning nor WASD. This is what I use, and it works perfect for all heroes, from Invoker to Meepo.

    Camera: Mouse3 (drag scroll with middle mouse button), you can use edge panning as well

    Abilities: QWERDF (default)

    Items: alt Q, alt W, alt E, alt A, alt S, alt D, S (tp scroll)

    Unit selection: 1 (hero), 2 (all other units), 3 (all units), F1-F4 (control groups), Tab (next unit)

    Courier/shop: alt 1 (deliver), alt 2 (select courier), alt 3 (buy TP), alt 4 (courier shield), T (shop), G (grab from stash), Space (purchase quick buy)

    Misc: Z (fortify), X (scan), C (toggle auto attack, never by default), ` (cancel action), H (taunt, most important), V (scoreboard), 4 (directional move, consider changing this to Mouse4 if you have it)

    Normal cast everything, except Meepo and Pangolier. Auto select summoned units except Phantom Lancer.

    I rarely ever use my pinky; my ring finger lays on Q, middle on W, index on E. Index finger does a lot of work.

  • I have a question , when using wasd for camera how do you switch your fingers from Triangle (camera move) setup to horizontal (ability) setup fast again and again and again for the entire duration of the game eficiently ?????

  • Speed can i ask?? Im just new in dota.. Do you know what hotkey should I use in Drow Ranger Frost/Clinks Searing arrows.. on And off.. Sorry for the english..

  • For those who struggle to creep block and uses mouse to edge pan. Just double-tap and hold F1 (Select hero key) so your camera follow your hero.

  • This felt like lostening to Slacks tak about his keybinds 🙂 but hey! If it worked for you it works. Main reason being that humans can get used to anything, set yourself up for comfort and you will go far.

  • If this guy managed to somehow get top 80 with using 12345U for spells and zxcvbn for items then he can get top1 with more efficient ones

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