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Best Bluetooth Multiplayer Games For Android

Best Bluetooth multiplayer games for Android and most of them are for ios too.

Check out this new list guys and girl I just made it called best multiplayer games via Bluetooth this all games can be played multiplayer with Bluetooth so you can play with yours friends hope you guys enjoy the video.

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Hard to find those all games but I did and this are game unlike playing with random person online u can play challenge your friend sitting at one place.

Not everyone games has that good graphics but its Bluetooth multiplayer and not many out there so guess its good.

Didn’t rank it but hope you find some good game for yourself.

Games like metal slug 3 and some other I was playing alone that’s why it got single player but when playing multiplayer there are two characters.

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Following are games and timing of it:-

0.16- blobby volleyball-
0.58- Air hockey madness-
1.39- wwe 2k-
2.40- metal slug 3-
3.38- the king of fighters ’98-
4.34- Slot Racing-
5.23- Virtual tennis challenge-
6.08- pool live tour-
7.05- world war tank 2-
7.51- virtual table tennis-
8.28- Armored car 2- also look for Armored car hd Armored car and armored car 2 deluxe
9.28- Real Steel-

I may forgot some games you can tell me I will use it for future who knows if I get good response make like part 2 of it.

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Outro music-DEAF Key Invinsible-

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