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Acer Triton 500 Review – Best Thin and Light RTX Laptop?

The Acer Predator Triton 500 (Tested with 2080 Max Q) resembles the MSI GS65 Stealth but is better built and is cheaper.
It’s a think and light gaming laptop that also competes against the Razer 15, Aero 15, Asus Zephyrus s and Alienware m15 and at 0.7″ thick and under 5 lbs it a very portable gaming laptop.

Three SKUs are available with a possible RTX 2070 MQ being released soon.
All come with a six core i7 8750h CPU, 144 Hz IPS 1080 , 3ms panel.
RTX 2060 model $1800:
RTX 2080 max Q (16GB) :
RTX 2080 Max Q (32GB/ 1TB SSD):
2 TB PCIe SSD Intel 660P $227:

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  • One thing to consider in my research the Acer seems to have more customer quality complaints and defects with the screen turning black

  • Woah the backlight bleed looks horrendous, does this actually affect it's longevity? I was thinking of getting this since the price to performance ratio is quite great

  • Just a couple quick questions. I just bought the 2060 model and will add a 1TB SSD and upgrade the ram to 32gb. I see it looks like you used duct tape to hold down your SSD? I'm assuming I just need a standard M2x3 screw. I bought the samsung 970 evo plus because it's a single sided NVME unlike the ADATA 8200 pro (which was almost 100 dollars cheaper). I'm just trying to make sure I have everything so I only have to open it once. I don't think I'll repaste just because of the hassle. Do you have any idea what the ram problem was that you had, and what did you replace it with? Also if you still have the laptop, would you go over the best way to undervolt it? I have only done it through a bios in my desktop, but the results you got were pretty large. I also live in the desert so ambient temperatures are a little higher, so any cooling advantages would be great. Thank you for doing the work to show off this PC.

  • I am getting ready to repaste my laptop. Do you use Icy Diamond thermal paste to also cool the chokes and VRM in addition to the graphics and processor? It looks like Acer used a different compound between the 2.

  • Managed to jump on this for the Lightning Deal on Prime Day.

    Not sure if I’ll attempt repasting as it does look far more beastly than I think I’m experienced enough for but I will attempt the undervolting for the increased performance and battery life

    What undervolt values did you achieve? I’ll likely use those as my starting point for my own undervolting

  • I believe the inverted motherboard allows for more cooling and compact size. You can see the trend with MSI GS65 and the Alienware M15 R2.

  • Acer predator helios 300 or Acer triton 500 !? Which is better for performance and value price point ?


  • Scar 3 (g531gv-db76) vs Triton 500(pt515-51-75bh) vs Zephyrus S(gx502gv-pb74) with RTX 2060. Which one would be a better buy in terms of overall performance, look and built!

  • Finally pulled the trigger on one of these. Microcenter had the 2080 max q for $1599, I just couldn’t pass it up. Hopefully no light bleed. As always, great review.

  • Great review. I have the 2070 Max-Q version. Can you pls do a disassembly video of this laptop? Inverted boards are truly a PITA.

  • I have this laptop now and unfortunately mine had an issue with the paste from the factory two cores are 13 Celsius higher peaking at 96, the other cores sit at 81, I’ll return it for a replacement other than that, honestly it’s amazing especially since I bought it for 1999 which amazon still has it for that price I recommend it!

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