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5 Settings EVERYBODY Should Use in Dota | Pro Dota 2 Guides

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In this video, Jenkins discusses 5 important options to turn on to improve your Dota play.

Learning Smash Bros has inspired me to make this video I hope you like it bros.

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  • You almost earned my 'Like' until you said "No body gives a shit about CM!" When you said that, I was offended personally..
    I'm a level 25 DotA Plus as CM with full gems all items and 2K matches as CM. I hope you play against me someday, so I show you how CM rapes and slays! lol

  • i disagree with the inverted alt toggle showing enemy hero icons. there's a reason for that. this is because in dota, sometimes its best to know which direction the enemy is facing and just by watching enemy directions, you can figure out if the guy is waiting for a rune, waiting at highground dewarding etc… and more. just by the direction arrows that the icon cannot give

  • I feel like Shift queue is more of a easiest way sometimes for people that don't have an eye/hand/time ability because yes you're not a robot but if you time it right and train your eye/hand you will essentially get better and even react how you want instead of thinking about Cancelling and then doing whatever

  • Fantastic!!! Always wanted to see a settings view.

    You should make a guide!

    Include hot key settings.
    Include shop settings.
    Your personal key bindings.
    Your Special controlled hero’s settings. Maybe something like meepo, invokes, naga, etc. Do you like have bindings for social units or do manual control each.

    Hope to see more!
    Great job really

  • Why my new hp gaming laptop lagging on dota 2. I just bought on thanksgiving Please help me I pay 450$ I am not happy on that happen

  • what the hell, i never knew there was a strict solo ranked mm. No wonder im always getting people with 3 or 2 stacks party that really messes my game

  • another one i would definitely recommend is using alt to self cast instead of double tap.
    The amount of times i see people accidentally self cast something when they didn't mean to are take a little longer to self cast something.
    It's is absolutely worth it.
    Like you will mess up sometimes you know you will and it might cost you a game at some point.
    There is just no reason to not use alt to self cast which simply does not have these issues it's just better.
    Personally i also use quickcast now there are a few scenarios where it's not really better with things where you really wanna use the rangefinder like pudge hook but overall in dota a lot of spellcasting relies on mostly on timing and being that little bit quicker can often make the difference between life and death, it's also less strain on your mouse hand since you have to click less which i personally find is the hand i have the most trouble with.

  • weirdly i actually kinda like camera screen shake since it ques me in to when certain spells are used. It's kinda weird like i don't think about it consciously but i notice in my games when theres like an es or something he might echo just off screen but the screen shake will let me know that he used echo in a very simple and imo not very distracting way

  • As a pudge main, and last option (for pudge ) is great, but there is one problem… if u play on quick cast u dont get to show or see that hook line. someone will say it's bad to play on quick cast, but just think about it.
    So if u play on QC (Quick cast) u get faster dager, hook, ult ( or mix of hook and ult while the enemy is on your hook, like u can ult while he is on your hook), but u dont get to see the line that shows u abilities range.
    But if u play dont play on Qc than this option is great bcs it helps u alot.
    Basically if u play pudge put a lot of hours and learn to "Feel the game"
    ALSO if u play on QC SHIFT Q option 3 is not working, bcs i cant use 2 times shift q for abilitie and item

  • about the inert alt toggle, if you want to see where those heroes are going you can simple click the "alt" and you would know where would they go or they will change back to "arrow mode" instead of the "hero face".

  • well add 1 more option about that pills cause u lose mid all the time 😂😂😂 btw so cute jenkins, thx for the info

  • That's exactly what Dota2 Team think about CM.

    Who gives a fuck about CM.
    Lets reduce her mov. speed again.
    Absolutely perfect.
    Normalin normalin.

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