20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Unboxing & Vs S10 5G!

  1. Be aware that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G version doesn't support Dual SIM which is crazy considering 5G is the future and this Phone is the most expensive and best model Samsung has on offer.

  2. The s10 5g has better battery life, more cameras, and a headphone jack. So if I were to switch from my Note 8, it would be the s10 5g

  3. S105g! Better phone. Note 10 didn't wow like the note 9 did. No plus snapdragon? No 5000mah batt? No 48mp cameras? Doesn't impress. S105g bigger batt, same processor, better pixel density, headphone jack, no reason to buy note 10 unless you need spen. Otherwise get S105g n upgrade to s115g in springtime.

  4. Seriously dude you know your white right a meat cleaver to open up a cell phone box dude you know they're going to think you're the next serial killer

  5. I’m big on vr gaming and I love to watching Netflix vr on my gear vr that’s that’s why I might not get the note 10 plus There’s nothing like it.

  6. An excellent smartphone, I liked it, but what I do not like is that it has sharp corners like Sony, I would like to have rounded corners. And the color of aura glow is horror, it seems to me nasty and disfigures the smartphone. And so, everything is very good, definitely worth buying it. By the way, thanks for such a diction, because even without turning on the subtitles you can understand, I myself am from Russia. I've been watching you for a long time, good luck!

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