37 thoughts on “Purin Japanese Custard Flan Taste Test Livestream

  1. I could not make out the names of the purins, and never got a good view of the front of the containers. For the next time…could you list them, or show them clearly on the video? Usually you do. Love your videos!

  2. I'm in Japan right now and I'm addicted to the Meito Silky Pudding (メイトーのなめらかプリン) sold at 7-eleven. It's so special and goooooood!

  3. I made myself a chocolate mousse and ate it while watching this stream, I always get so hungry watching you guys I gotta have a snack!

  4. I love this livestream and Japanese food looks amazing and thank goodness I have some food in front of me cause those purins look AMAZING!!!!

  5. So glad to have been part of the live and the shout out regarding the t-shirts. We have our fist -shirt as we wanted to check size as we are big bears lol fit is fantastic – shame so many other colours only go to 3XL – hope that changes as channel grows. will be taking a pic to sent you with a nice view somewhere in Scotland – we will be buying more. love your channel so much. keep up the great job.

  6. hi to japan dudes great show vote is 9 out 10 show love love and kiss kiss from mhopper in aussie mates in the world in japan

  7. I like the chemistry between you and Niki, remind me so much of bonding with my little brother every time we get together. You guys seem genuine I can sense it

  8. I love all kinds of puddings, custards and gelatins from all over the world. My favorites are Creme Brule, Japanese Purin with coffee sauce, and Puerto Rican Flan. I think that means I like the softer, smoother, creamy, lighter style puddings and custards. If it's not super sweet, even better. I wish the 7-11s near me had purin. Thanks for showing us different ones you can find in Japan.

  9. I have lemon pudding all the time it's one of my favorites and I love custard puddings. Growing up in the 50s we always had rice pudding ..bread puddings..so these are old timey desserts puddings and custards… always classic desserts

  10. Sorry I missed the live! I’m glad you all got wonderful family reunion ❤️ Have a nice trip to Shizuoka! Thanks for pudding reviews! Can’t wait to try them in Japan😊

  11. You two make me feel so good watching you try all these foods! You guys enjoy your food so much! Love your descriptions! Hi Niki! Nice to meet your fam! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. I was waiting for this and was telling my husband about Niki and mom then I feel asleep. But watched it this morning. So wonderful! ❤️🥰

  13. i buy my farther cream caramel a lot he loves them i find them okay the caramel source can be very sweet. BUT anything wither jersey milk in i will eat it reminds me of my nans rice pudding rich creamy jersey milk

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