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Acer Nitro 5 GTX 1650 Review

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  • Great review! Just got one of these with the same spec as yours for around 740$. Haven't played games on in yet, but will use it for creativity and some minor easy gaming down the road. I feel like I got alot for the money! 🙂

  • Great review! Short but very informative. I have last year's model, and I love it. I love the 2019 model's slimmer and lighter chassis though, as it would be easier to carry around. Also love the added vent on the side, and of course the additional M.2 slot.

    Might be in the minority but I love the faux-Carbon Fiber texture on the lid of the 2018 however as I love Carbon Fiber on bikes and cars and also it makes the lid less prone to unsightly scratches.

  • Nice review! Got one for my friends little brother for light gaming, Just don't go for the Ryzen 2500u with the RX560x GPU. It was awful! Just returned it today. Overall it was a great laptop! And a very nice screen!, But the power throttling with the 2500u was terrible! Causing games to studder, Even though getting 60fps every few seconds it would drop along with CPU almost always being at a 100% Some games where playable but other ones not so much. ordered an Intel i5 / 1050 Ti model and hoping it'll be better.

  • i bought the ryzen 7 2700u with rx560 gpu a few months back, paid just over £500 for it brand new from amazon warehouse, immediately upgraded memory to 32GB for video rendering and i love it the only bugbear i have is the led keys dont stay lit up they go off after 30 seconds of no use apart from that its an A+ from me as it does everything i want it to

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