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런닝맨 Running man Ep.168 #32(3)

SBS 일요일이 좋다-런닝맨 Running man 162회(Ep.162)
[아이돌의 제왕- 걸스데이,씨스타,비스트,엠블랙,에이핑크,인피니트,2pm]

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  • Girls Day is unbelievably game for anything. I thought they were only cutesy girls, but they are tons of fun and can mix well with variety.

    Sistar competitive as always. And im watching because of Yoo Jaesuk, Commander, Haha and Gawangsoo!!

    WTF is Naeun from apink doing here?? Is she the muse of the episode? She was just in the background the entire time looking awkward OR bored. and eunji was the only one making an effort. Idols are all busy and tired but Apink dance arent even half as difficult as Sistar's or Snsd. She's not even drop dead gorgeous.

    Im mean here but i've watched girls younger than her, Sulli, Kystal, SUZY, give more effort and they actually didnt care how they look on camera when doing variety shows.

    Naeun seriously made me sick in this fun episode. She worked hard looking proper and pretty. Benefitting from the variety entertainment everyone was providing.

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